PC Health Advisor Review

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Pc Health Advisor Review

5 Stars

Review Summary: Pc Health Advisor is a fully automated, cost saving and easy way to restore speed and performance to your sluggish pc - without the inconvenience and associated cost of a visit to the computer repair shop.

Custom designed by a team of IT professionals at Paretologic Inc... Pc Health Advisor automatically performs the same diagnostics and repairs your local pc technician would normally charge you hundreds of dollars to fix your slowing running computer - With just two clicks of your mouse!.

Our experience with this pc optimization tool shows that it not only speeds up your computer from the first time you use it - but also, scheduled regular (daily or weekly) scan and fix all keeps your pc running like new all the time, saving you hundreds of dollars on repair bills or even the frustration and wasted time you spend searching online for "half baked" suggested remedies that have hardly worked for you till now.

Now Lets take a look at what Pc Health Advisor can do for you right now:

Free Comprehensive Diagnosis Scan of your pc

Yes - Optimizing your pc starts with a Free Scan that performs a deep analysis of your computer and instantly identifies any errors and issues making the use of your pc a nightmare right now.

Fix Identified Problems and instantly improve Your Pc's Performance

Yes - The Scan Result shows you clearly what problems where identified during the deep scan - All you have to do is click "Fix All" to experience instant boost in the overall performance of your computer.

Saves you the Cost of Repairs and the Inconvenience of Taking your Pc to a Repair Shop

Yes - Pc Health Advisor automatically performs the same analysis and repairs your local technician would do on your computer to make it run faster - effectively saving you hundreds of dollars in repair bills and not to mention the inconvenience and frustration of not having the use of your pc whilst at the repair shop.

All the Key Components you Need to Keep you Pc Running at Top Speed in one Place

Yes - No more running in circles trying to figure out on your own what tools you need to fix your slow running pc:

    • Limit start-up programs and instantly your pc boot time.
    • Schedule regular Disk Defragmentation to maximize your pc speed.
    • Schedule "hands - free" regular junk file clean up to free up much needed hard drive space to smoothly run applications fast.
    • Download and install the latest drivers for your pc devices and effectively avert driver errors and connectivity issues.

Easy to Use

Yes - Fully automated - requiring just two clicks of your mouse to get your pc optimized. No technical knowledge required to use this application

24-7 Customer Product Support

Yes - Just click on the Help Tab on the top right of the control panel to access a comprehensive product knowledgebase or to contact support.

Hands-Free Automated Regular Optimization of your Pc

Yes - Simply schedule automatic regular (daily or weekly) scan to identify and fix issues as they occur - while you go on doing more productive or fun stuff on your computer

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The Good:

Fully automated, All-in-one pc optimization tool.

A built-in easy to scheduler lets you schedule "hands-free" regular optimization of your pc - which means your pc will always be running at tip top speed.

Highly sophisticated diagnostic and analysis scanning engine lets you know instantly what is wrong with your pc before you ever consider your options.

The Bad:

Only works with Windows Operation System.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for an "All-in-one" pc optimization tool to restore your pc to when it used to start-up at lightening speed, load and run your applications fast and rid it of those errors that make using your pc a nightmare then you need to check out Pc Health Advisor.

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