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Review Summary: Driver Detective eliminates the frustration often encountered with trying to keep your computer device drivers updated by quickly and easily finding, downloading and installing the most current drivers your specific make and model of pc needs.


Recognizes your pc’s manufacturer, make and model with a high degree of accuracy using its signature “machine intelligence and auto select IQ”.

Features a vista upgrade wizard.


Does not support windows 98/98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003/2003x64, Server 2008/2008x64.

Review Details

Key Features:

Free Scan

Yes – Find the current device driver and updates your specific make of pc needs.

Download and update device drivers

Yes – Fast driver download speed plus quick install

Driver database

Over 11 million device associated drivers

OS upgrade wizard

Yes – Easily check hardware compatibility before upgrading from XP to Vista.

Driver backup option

Yes – Driver backup limited to only drivers downloaded and stored in the download history

OEM match intelligence

Yes – Easily matches your pc to the manufacturer (Dell, Compaq, hp Toshiba etc)

Free updates


Schedule automatic scans

No – Initiate scans yourself when required

Auto tool update

Yes – Driver detective auto updates itself

Integrated customer service

Yes – send your questions to support team right from the user interface.


The Good:

Two features clearly stand out in Driver detective. First is the ability to identify your computer’s manufacturer, make, model, operating system, physical memory, processor model and much more. This is the first step towards ensuring that only the correct up-to-date drivers are recommended for your system’s brand and specification. What this means is that if you have, let’s say a Dell inspiron 1545, Driver detective will locate and recommend only the device drivers for that make and model of your Dell computer.

Secondly, Driver detective’s windows vista upgrade wizard is pretty good at ensuring a smooth transition from windows xp to vista. I found this feature pretty accurate at determining hardware compatibility. Based on the compatibility check, Driver Detective will recommend and allow you download vista compatible drivers for your system.

The Bad:

If you have Audigy or X-Fi sound cards, Driver detective can sometimes recommend an incorrect driver for your device. You are advised to always check the driver information that comes with the downloaded to be certain Driver Detective has recommended the correct driver before installing it.

Bottom Line:

Driver Detective is the obvious choice if getting the correct driver for your make and model of pc. This tool will definitely save you a lot of time and frustration often encountered while trying to locate the correct up-to-date device driver download and updates your system and its components require to function properly and optimally.

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