Driver Software Update FAQ

What is a device driver?
A device driver is a piece of software program that enables your computer’s operating system to effectively communicate with the various devices installed on it, such as printers, sound cards, graphics cards etc.

What is an up-to-date-driver?
An up-to-date driver refers to the most recent release of a particular device driver.

Why do I need to update my pc device drivers?
Manufacturers of your installed pc devices release newer versions and updates from time to time. These new drivers and updates take care of bugs and enhance functionality of your installed devices.

Keeping your drivers updated ensures your system devices function smoothly and efficiently.

How can I tell if my device drivers are outdated?
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described below, this might be an indication that one or more of your devices requires updating:

  1. Your system and devices have become slow and sluggish in performance.
  2. You have a device that has either stopped working or become unstable.
  3. A device you have on your pc is not recognized or working as it should.
  4. Your new game is not working as it should.
  5. Certain features of your pc device are missing or not working adequately.
  6. The use of one device interferes with the proper functioning of another.

How can I update my pc device drivers?
Choose one of the tools recommended on this site to scan your system to identify outdated drivers, then automatically download and install the recommended updates right from the user interface.

Alternatively, you can go through all the devices installed on your pc one after another and either use windows device manager or go directly to the manufacturer’s website to find, download and install the current updates for your device drivers.

What is “Vista upgrade wizard”?
This is a feature Driver Detective offers that enables you to check hardware compatibility before you upgrade your system from XP to Vista. The tool also recommends compatible vista device drivers for your system after analysis.

What is “machine intelligence and auto select IQ”
This is simply the technology behind Driver Detective’s precise identification of certain details about your system when you launch the application. It is the first step towards recommending the correct device drivers and driver updates for your specific system. Driver Detective currently supports a number of manufacturers including Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and lots more.