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Free Driver Scan Yes - Free Scan to Identify any Outdated, Corrupt or Missing Device Drivers on your PC Yes Yes
Automatically Identifies your PC Make Model Yes Yes No
Automatically Identifies your PC's installed devices and drivers that requires updates or New drivers Yes Yes Yes
Easily Download and Update All Your Device Drivers Yes Yes Yes
Easy Driver Backup Yes Yes Yes
Quickly Restore Backed up Drivers Yes Yes Yes
Online Driver Database Millions of manufacturer specific and device associated drivers in it's database. Comprehensive 30,000+ drivers supported
Integrated Product Help Yes Yes Yes
Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 Yes Yes Yes
OEM match intelligence Yes - Highly sophisticated Yes - Ok No
Overall ratings starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
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Benefits of Using A Reliable Driver Update Software:

Eliminates Guesswork When Searching For Driver Updates:

Searching for the right driver for your PC devices can sometimes be a hit and miss. Unless you are absolutely certain about what driver your PC needs as well as the most reliable place to download it, you may end up with the wrong driver download. Downloading and installing the wrong driver can potentially causes serious functionality issues on your computer.

Driver update software effectively eliminates this problem by automatically matching your device with the most up-to-date driver your pc device needs to function properly.

Whether you are looking for a single driver for your pc device - an easy way to migrate existing drivers from one pc to another or simply upgraded your operating system and lost all your drivers... Driver update software will save you time and the hassle that comes with searching online for up-to-date driver software your computer needs to properly run installed applications.

How Driver Update Software Works:

Once installed, driver update software runs an initial scan of your computer to identify all existing installed devices as well as their associated drivers. The harvested driver information is then cross-referenced against a regularly updated database of  OEM/manufacturer specific device drivers. 

You then get a detailed report on how up-to-date all your device drivers are - including a link to download and update any outdated drivers - right from within the tool's user interface. Also included is the ability to access and download the most updated version of any missing or corrupt drivers your existing devices need to function properly.

How to Choose the Best Driver Update Software:

Extensive Regularly Updated Driver Database:

The best driver update software is as good as its device associated driver database. A huge driver database means you are more than likely to locate any device driver for your PC. And because driver update solution providers retain older discontinued device drivers in their database, they can be the quickest and most reliable means of accessing those hard to find drivers.

Driver updater software providers - like Driver Detective grow their driver database over years. Drivers are first mined from across device manufacturers covering all device versions. These drivers are then scrubbed clean before publishing them to their online database. This ensures only clean, up-to-date and malware-free device drivers ever end up on your computer. Eliminating the risks associated with third party download sites.

Reliable Driver Scanning Engine:

The best driver updater software thoroughly scans your system, returning a detailed report on all installed device drivers. 

Scan reports provides detailed information on the current status of all your device drivers - including detailed information on available updates as well as a link to directly access the most relevant driver updates for your devices.

The best driver update software also provides the necessary tools needed to fix driver related problems.

Extensive Customer Support Options:

The best driver update software will more than likely fix most driver related problems you have. However, for those times when you need a little extra help with an ongoing driver update problem, choosing a solution that offers a wide variety of means for contacting customer services is best.

While all programs compared above offer one or two forms customer support, Driver Detective goes a step further. In addition to phone and email support offered on the website - you are also able to directly contact support directly from your driver detective software user interface.

Device Driver Backup:

The ability to backup all device drivers to your preferred storage media saves you the hassle associated with losing them due to disk corruption or a complete system failure. Most driver updater software offers this feature as standard.

Device Driver Migration Tools:

Driver migration tools are extremely useful when you need to migrate your existing drivers to another computer or upgrade as well as downgrade your operating system.

Driver updaters such as Driver detective lets you creates a migration CD for this purpose - saving a huge amount of time you would have otherwise spent finding the right drivers for you upgraded or downgraded OS.

Free Scan:

Driver updaters that offer a free scan lets you perform a free - no obligation full system analysis of all installed devices to determine if your computer's drivers are all up-to-date before making a purchase.

However, a license is usually required if you decide to go ahead and update all your device drivers using the tool.

Driver Update Scan Scheduler:

Scan scheduling allows users to set intervals for automatic system scans to identify and promptly update outdated, corrupt or missing device drivers. Once scheduled, you practically have no need to worry about making sure your computer device drivers are up-to-date - until you receive an alert.