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Driver Detective Machine Intelligence and Auto Select IQ

Without a doubt Driver Detective is one of the industry’s leading driver software download and update tool online at the moment. One of the key features that sets Driver Detective apart from the rest is it’s proprietary “machine intelligence and auto select IQ” otherwise known (by me) as system information identification intelligence scan. The first [...]

Dell Driver Download

There are several ways you can locate the Dell driver downloads specific to your make and model of Dell pc. In this article we will be looking at just two ways. Dell support website: The first obvious place to go for all dell drivers downloads for your pc is the dell’s support website. To use [...]

How To Fix Problems With Your USB Device

USB devices are what are referred to as ‘Plug and Play’. This means that you need to do very little in order to set them up. In most cases all you have to do is plug the device into a spare USB socket. Your operating system will them detect the device and install any necessary [...]

How to Fix Simple Driver Related Problems

If a hardware device that is connected to your pc starts to behave funny it is often because of an issue with its driver. Fixing the most common driver related problems is much easier than most people think, and can turn a seemingly faulty or malfunctioning device into a device that works properly almost instantly. [...]

7 Ways to Find Drivers for your PC’s Devices

There are several ways you can go about finding drivers for your pc devices. Listed below are just 7 of them. Sometimes we experience problems with our devices due to driver errors, by knowing where to locate new drivers you should be able to solve most driver based conflicts both quickly and easily. Where To [...]

How To Rollback Device Driver Software

It is highly recommended that you keep all your device drivers up to date for system stability; however there are times when the newer driver or driver update you just downloaded and installed causes your pc or devices to become unstable. When this happens reverting to the last stable version of your device driver becomes [...]

Driver Update Software – Do You Really Need One?

Driver update software is essentially a tool that takes the hassle out of keeping all your pc devices updated. Over the years there has been ongoing debate at several forums as to whether you really need one. While those in favour of having driver update software such as Drivercure argue that the benefit is in [...]

How to Update Drivers

Most people at some time or another have experienced computer problems only to be advised that their drivers need updating. But what exactly is meant by that, and more to the point, what is a driver? Quite simply, a driver is a small encoded file stored in the operating system of a personal computer. It [...]

About Device or Hardware Drivers

Device or hardware drivers might be described as technological go-betweens. They’re simple software programs whose job it is to ensure that any hardware you install on your computer is recognised by your operating system. Without a driver your printer wouldn’t print, your scanner wouldn’t know which way was up and your sound card would be [...]